Animal Program Under Fire
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F. King Alexander, President
Louisiana State University
[email protected]


President Alexander,

You must permanently terminate the previously suspended rat experiment in which LSU staff refused to follow humane endpoints, and intentionally performed surgeries on weekends to avoid veterinary supervision. Heinous behavior like this must not be tolerated.


Animal Program Under Fire


An animal advocacy group is calling on the LSU system to launch an investigation into its animal experimentation program at its Shreveport campus. Then group Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! sent a letter to LSU's president, detailing that animals in the program at LSU Shreveport were being experimented on during the weekends to get around veterinary supervision.

They also claim that some animals were used for the same experiments twice. In the letter, the group said that the severity of the compliance issues and the lack of adequate supervision by the ACUC clearly indicate that major systematic issues exist. In the presence of this project, I cannot imagine that other LSU projects are fully compliant. The group is also calling for LSU to return all funding for the project.

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