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Press Releases

 New Charges leveled by 4 MPI Whistleblowers Additional Charges Filed by watchdog group

Thursday, April 24, 2008
Contact: Michael Budkie

Attention: News Desk

New Charges leveled by 4 MPI Whistleblowers Additional Charges Filed by watchdog group

KALAMAZOO, MI -- The safety of drugs sold to consumers is being questioned here after 4 whistleblowers at the MPI Research Laboratory in Mattawan confirmed that the lab has manipulated testing results to allow drugs and other products to reach the market, according to a national research watchdog organization.

SAEN, an Ohio-based non-profit group that investigates research laboratory abuse, has released a 2-page statement from an anonymous whistleblower last fall. In the wake of this disclosure 4 new whistleblowers have stepped forward, and a new complaint has been filed with the USDA.

"MPI Research is endangering the safety of the American public as well as torturing animals needlessly," said Michael Budkie, A.H.T., SAEN's Executive Director. "These new revelations disclose more threats to public safety and further potential violations of the Animal Welfare Act."

Some of the statements regarding MPI include:

“On a daily basis, it was a literal Holocaust on animals, and I couldn’t leave MPI soon enough. I was never so depressed in my life, and my personal guilt for having any association with such cruel practices in the name of research was and is nearly unbearable.”

“Falsification of data happens all the time . . . and I have seen people let sick animals go on sick when they should have taken out vet consults but I think the truth is there isn't enough staff.”

Charges leveled by the new whistleblowers include:

MPI researchers refuse to euthanize animals in drug studies virtually no matter what condition they are in. Dogs and even young puppies with severely prolapsed rectums are left to suffer in blood-smeared cages.

Rats live with teeth so severely overgrown that they have pierced the roofs of their mouths, in many instances the rats are bleeding from their noses and eyes.

Budkie said SAEN has filed a new official complaint against MPI with the United States Department of Agriculture/Animal & Plant Inspection Service.


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