Death Toll Reaches 66 as Negligence Epidemic Spreads to Boston; Brigham & Women’s Hospital Cited in Two Fatalities

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
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Death Toll Reaches 66 as Negligence Epidemic Spreads to Boston; Brigham & Women’s Hospital Cited in Two Fatalities

BOSTON, MA – The death toll from a "negligence epidemic" sweeping research laboratories across the nation reached 66 here in February, according to internal government reports, said a research watchdog organization.

Recently obtained government reports reveal federal violations within Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH) of Boston which resulted in two fatalities.

A February 9, 2010, USDA report cites BWH in the deaths of a dog and a sheep. Government documents reveal that the dog died of an anesthetic overdose during a research project and the sheep died of a severe infection which had not been reported to BWH veterinary staff.

Brigham & Women’s Hospital becomes the 19th U.S. research lab to be cited in negligent deaths of animals resulting from federal violations, with the national death toll now at 66.

Causes of death have included starvation, being boiled alive, exsanguination, asphyxiation, poisoning, botched surgeries, severe bacterial infections, temperature extremes, exposure to bleach solutions, lung hyperinflation, hit by car, and gunshot wounds.

The research facilities cited in these atrocities include: Colorado State University, Cornell Medical School (NY), Virginia Tech, University of Washington, Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), Stanford (CA), Joliet Junior College (IL), Dartmouth (NH), Lovelace Research Institute (NM), Charles River Labs (MA/NV), University of California (San Francisco & Santa Barbara), University of Wisconsin (Madison), Sewanee (TN), University of Connecticut, University of Minnesota, Globe University (MN), and Vanderbilt (TN).

“How many animals have to die before the USDA takes meaningful action against these labs,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN. “As far as we know only one of these 19 facilities has received any penalties whatsoever.”

The USDA inspection reports are available upon request from SAEN.


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