Feds Cite Sharp Vet Lab for Dozens of Dog and Cat Deaths; Watchdog Group Demands Federal Fine

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011
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Feds Cite Sharp Vet Lab for Dozens of Dog and Cat Deaths; Watchdog Group Demands Federal Fine

WICHITA FALLS/VERNON, TX – Recently obtained federal reports reveal major violations of the Animal Welfare Act within the labs of Sharp Veterinary Research, a local facility in Vernon (TX).

A 2011 USDA inspection report for Sharp Veterinary Research reveals the negligent deaths of 17 dogs and 15 cats:

This facility has had 17 dog deaths and 15 cat deaths in the past year. . . . According to the animal records none of these animals had diagnostics performed prior to treatment or death. . . . The lack of diagnostics (pre and post mortem), inadequate treatment, lack of disease control, and lack of appropriate records constitutes inappropriate veterinary care and subjects these cats and dogs to unnecessary pain and suffering.

In this scathing report Sharp is cited for inadequate veterinary care, an improperly constituted Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee which has serious conflict of interest issues, and inadequate record keeping.

“This lab killed more than two dozen animals through sheer negligence and allowed many others to experience pain unnecessarily,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN. “This kind of incompetence should be given the maximum penalty allowable by law.”

SAEN has contacted the Western Regional Office of USDA/APHIS/AC as well as the Office of the Inspector General to insist on a federal fine.

The USDA inspection reports are available upon request from SAEN.


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