$320 Million U.S. Tax Dollars Annually at Risk; Research Negligence Kills Dozens, May Invalidate Hundreds of Projects

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Please call or email Dr. Francis Collins to insist that the Primate Center Grants for University of California (Davis), Oregon Health Sciences University, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, University of Washington (Seattle), University of Wisconsin (Madison), Emory University, Harvard Medical School, be withheld until these labs have been in full compliance with federal regulations for 12 consecutive months.

Dr. Francis Collins
[email protected]
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Please contact the Secretary of Agriculture and insist that USDA/APHIS/AC’s Western and Eastern Regional Offices immediately fully prosecute all laboratories that have been cited for non-compliances connected to animal deaths.

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20250
(202) 720-3631
[email protected]

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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Contact: Michael Budkie, SAEN, 513-703-9865 (cell)
$320 Million U.S. Tax Dollars Annually at Risk; Research Negligence Kills Dozens, May Invalidate Hundreds of Projects

WASHINGTON, DC – Negligence at seven U.S. Primate Centers – recipients of more than $320 million annually in federal funding – has now killed at least 45 non-human primates over the last few years, squandering 1/3 of a billion dollars and putting research into human ailments at risk, according to a research watchdog group.
Documentation recently made available reveals that seven laboratories have been cited, fined, or are currently under investigation for killing animals in violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act,
said SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation Now), a watchdog nonprofit that monitors research facilities.
“These labs are clearly incapable of basic animal care,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director of SAEN.  “Why are labs that continually break the law handed hundreds of millions in tax dollars to enable them to keep breaking the law?  Shouldn’t federal funding be tied to compliance with federal regulations?”
Topping the list is University of California, Davis (California National Primate Research Center), recently cited for 19 primate deaths, and under investigation for the deaths of another 12 infant monkeys.  Previous  revelations included a monkey strangulated in a tree, and a primate corpse was infested with maggots.
Other Primate Center disclosures show:

  • The Texas Biomedical Research Institute (Southwest National Primate Research Center) has recently been cited for multiple primate deaths, and has just been fined over $25,000 for previous primate deaths;
  •  Harvard University (New England Primate Research Center} is the center of a controversy and ongoing federal probe in the deaths of at least four primates due to dehydration, and being boiled alive;
  • The University of Wisconsin, Madison, (Wisconsin National Primate Research Center is currently the target of an ongoing federal investigation for dozens of federal non-compliances;
  • Oregon Health Sciences University (Oregon National Primate Research Center) paid a 2012 fine of over $11,000;
  • Emory University (Yerkes National Primate Research Center) has recently been cited for a negligent primate death;
  • University of Washington (Washington National Primate Research Center) paid a $10,000 fine and is the target of a complaint involving monkeys obtaining scissors, burn injuries, traumatic injuries, etc.

Internal photos, records, USDA inspection reports, enforcement documents, and internal records available upon request from SAEN.

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