Watchdog Group Targets UC in Official Complaint: Federal Reports Reveal Inadequate Anesthesia, Unsterile Surgeries, Failed Euthanasia

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Please contact the Director of the USDA’s Eastern Regional Office to insist that she take immediate action against the University of Cincinnati for negligence that denied anesthesia to animals, led to unsterile surgeries and a failed euthanasia. The USDA MUST issue a fine!

Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer USDA/APHIS/AC
920 Main Campus Drive, Suite 2000
Raleigh, NC27606
(919) 855-7100
[email protected]


Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Contact: Michael Budkie 513-575-5517

Watchdog Group Targets UC in Official Complaint: Federal Reports Reveal Inadequate Anesthesia, Unsterile Surgeries, Failed Euthanasia

CINCINNATI, OH  – National Research Watchdog Organization SAEN (Stop Animal Exploitation NOW -  Milford, OH), has filed an Official USDA Complaint against the University of Cincinnati for alleged violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. 
Recently obtained UC Correspondence reveal incorrect/inadequate use of anesthesia during surgical procedures involving rabbits.  One animal was "underdosed," others were not monitored correctly, and surgical records for the animals were "difficult to interpret and contained inaccuracies."  Additionally, University of Cincinnati correspondence states that " . . . a higher level of staff training was needed to provide greater familiarity with techniques and equipment."
SAEN alleges that the situation at UC demonstrates clear violations of multiple sections of the Animal Welfare Act including those relevant to: veterinary care, personnel qualifications, monitoring of experiments by UC's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, as well as the potential filing of inaccurate/fraudulent reports with the USDA.
An Official Complaint has been filed with USDA/APHIS/AC, along with a request for a fine.
SAEN's Executive Director, Michael Budkie A.H.T., states:  "Speaking as a graduate of UC's  Animal Health Technician program, I find it extremely disturbing that rabbits are not receiving adequate anesthesia, and that insufficiently trained staff are allowed to work with animals."
Other issues are also revealed in recent federal reports relevant to rats and mice, including:  inadequate anesthesia, failure to monitor animals for 2 - 6 days, failure to provide food or water, unsterile surgical techniques, and incomplete euthanasia.  These issues were not discussed in the USDA complaint because rats and mice are not covered under the Animal Welfare Act.
"If, by their own account, UC staff have failed to perform sterile surgeries, failed to properly euthanize an animal, failed to provide adequate food or water, and failed to adequately anesthetize animals for surgery, then it is clear that major problems exist in UC's experimental programs," added Budkie.  "With all of these deficiencies, why should we believe that UC labs are capable of doing anything that even remotely resembles science?"
The SAEN's Official Complaint and all federal reports are available upon request from SAEN.


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