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Prepared Statements

Prepared Statement regarding MPI Research

Prepared Statement 4-08

MPI Research

In October of 2007, SAEN released information regarding extreme animal abuse and neglect underway at the facilities of MPI Research near Kalamazoo, MI based on information provided by a whistleblower. Whenever we have dealt with whistleblowers in the past once the initial information was released, and everything was passed on to federal authorities, the situation ended. However, the situation with MPI is different. Since our initial release of information, we have been contacted by no less than 4 more past and/or present employees of MPI.

Some of the statements regarding MPI include:

“On a daily basis, it was a literal Holocaust on animals, and I couldn’t leave MPI soon enough. I was never so depressed in my life, and my personal guilt for having any association with such cruel practices in the name of research was and is nearly unbearable.”

“Falsification of data happens all the time . . . and I have seen people let sick animals go on sick when they should have taken out vet consults but I think the truth is there isn't enough staff.”

The issues raised by the new whistleblowers regard falsification of records involving the origin of the primates used at MPI, who reportedly came from the Covance Corporation. According to the whistleblowers it was readily apparent that primates labeled as captive bred were really wild caught. For example, necropsies on these animals revealed metal pellets, from the animals being shot at, which we would assume would never happen with captive bred animals. Other potential falsifications involved the age of the primates, which has the potential to invalidate many research studies. Also, primates are allegedly being used before quarantine periods are completed, potentially risking the health of the staff at MPI.

We have also been told that in many instances the researchers at MPI refuse to euthanize animals in drug studies virtually no matter what condition they are in. Dogs and even young puppies suffer from severely prolapsed rectums in blood-smeared cages. Rats endure teeth so severely overgrown that the roofs of their mouths are pierced, and they bleed from their noses and eyes. This information will also be forwarded to the USDA, as well as the USFWS regarding potential malfeasance by both MPI and the Covance Corporation.

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