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MPI Research is again the subject of serious issues raised by insider(s) regarding potential violations of the Animal Welfare Act. During the entire existence of the organization Stop Animal Exploitation Now, we have received more contacts from past/present employees of MPI Research than from any other laboratory. These contacts have been extremely consistent in the issues that they raised in terms of potential violations of the law. Virtually every contact has discussed potential negligence and carelessness, inadequate observation of animals, traumatic injuries, errant dosing, etc.

In the past this information has always come in the form of anecdotal data passed on by present/past staff which described several instances of potential abuse. This is no longer the case. We have now received internal records which disclose a multi-year pattern of serious traumatic injuries as well as other issues. These injuries which span a period from 2004 – 2009 reveal a pattern of apparent carelessness and negligence which not only violate the Animal Welfare Act, but must call into question the ability of MPI Research staff to follow basic animal husbandry or experimental procedures. It is amazing that the simple processes such as transferring animals from one location or cage to another or administering protocol related dosages results in broken bones, severed toes, dislocation of limbs, and animal deaths. It is shocking that this pattern has been allowed to continue for multiple years by MPI Research.

However, it is even more shocking that regulatory agencies responsible for inspecting this facility, such as the USDA, appear to be utterly unaware of these situations. None of the inspection reports which are routinely available for MPI even discuss any animal deaths, broken bones, etc. There is something very very wrong here. These issues should have been addressed in some way.

The situation at MPI clearly delineates a failed system. Employees at MPI have evidently complained internally with no results. Out of desperation other employees have come forward with anecdotal data, again nothing changed. The USDA took no action. And now we have received internal records which clearly demonstrate an undeniable pattern of violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW has again filed an Official Complaint with the USDA. However, out of concern based on a previous lack of enforcement by USDA/APHIS/AC we have also forwarded this complaint, as well as all relevant documentation, to the Office of the Inspector General within the USDA. The OIG is charged with oversight regarding the actions of USDA/APHIS/AC.

However, we must also take another step. We must ask the customers of MPI Research to reconsider their relationship with the company. The customer list which is in our possession contains the names of major clients such as Eli Lilly, Emory University and Elan Pharmaceuticals. We believe that these clients may want to consider finding other laboratories to deal with which are capable of handling animals without causing broken bones or dislocated limbs. For if MPI can’t follow either basic animal welfare regulations or even their own experimental protocols, can their experiments be given any credence whatsoever?

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