Aaron and the Glue-Trapped Mouse
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Aaron Burrow
August 2009

Use vegetable oil to remove the mouse from the glue, it's almost instant, they squeal and squeal it's horrible, but once you get them free you feel so good. I hate those traps and they should be banned.

I found a small mouse stuck to a glue trap next to the dumpster in my apartment complex! There was absolutely no reason for it to be there, who cares if the mouse is outside, when I walked over to get a better look I saw it was breathing, and the terror you mentioned in the article, GLUE TRAPS. I saw it in his eyes, and he began to squeal and kick and just totally freak out, I almost cried. I started talking to him like he was a person and told him I would do whatever I could to get him free. (I KNOW IM A NUT, BUT IT BROKE MY HEART)

So anyway, I went to my car to find something to put him in, I found a binder to hide him in so the neighbors wouldn't see, I brought him upstairs put him and the trap in a Nordstrom bag, and started researching glue traps and how to get animals off. (I'm already late to work now.)

I found out that you can pour vegetable oil on them to break the glue's bond. So I did that, then I had him free, but his little foot looked swollen and I knew he was in shock and terrified, so then I drove to Petco and bought a cage, and a bag of mouse food, and a bag of litter and a water bottle, and named him Lucky, and I think he's a young house mouse, I'm just going to keep him for a while and see how he does. But thank you for the article and please, please add the tip of using oil to remove them, its almost instant, they squeal and squeal its horrible, but once you get them free you feel so good. I hate those traps and they should be banned. Horrible horrible horrible.

Anyway. Thanks again!

A few days later, Lucky seemed to be back to normal. I released him in a field under a big horse apple tree, near a creek, dumped the whole bag of food I had out all over under the tree so he would be able to stock pile food for winter... If he so chooses. Anyway! I feel good about myself, and thanks for listening, keep up the good work!

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