A True Turkey Story
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By Jan Fredericks, God's Creatures Ministry
August 2009

After hearing accounts of how "stupid" turkeys can be, a lady and her husband were surprised to see two wild turkeys walk out onto a busy two lane country road and spread out their wings.

One turkey faced oncoming traffic in one direction, the other faced oncoming traffic in the other direction.

Confused drivers came to a halt. Everyone waited to see what would happen.

Suddenly out of the trees came a whole family - mom, and six or seven baby turkeys. The turkey family paraded across the highway in single file.

When they had all reached the other side, the two "traffic guard" turkeys lowered their wings and followed them into the brush. Traffic resumed.

We 'give thanks' with hundreds of millions of turkeys who are tortured and cruelly raised on factory farms.

It's time to be thankful without supporting animal cruelty.  

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