Chatting About Chickens
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FROM Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
September 2019

Some great things to know about chickens!

loving Chickens
Photo: Lydia Wildrick

There are dozens of breeds of chickens, world's most populous bird. (There are actually far more chickens than humans on Earth.) Chickens are not flightless nor colorblind, as some believe; they can fly low for short distances and enjoy the beautiful colors of the scenery while doing so. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.

While it's also a myth that chickens can change genders, it's true that they have great memories. In fact, they can distinguish among the faces of over 100 people and animals. Perhaps that is why the chicken is the first bird to have its genome sequenced.

A hen prefers a rooster (or cockerel if you're in the UK) with a big, bright coxcomb on top of his head and an alluring wattle, the red bit of flesh under his chin. Hens also go ga-ga over roosters who do a particularly good "tidbit," a literal song and dance showing others where food can be found.

Chickens have their own personalities, and they enjoy playing and interacting with others. A mother hen will "talk" to her eggs as she turns them, which may be as often as 50 times a day!

Indraloka's flock currently consists of 89 playful and perky chickens.

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