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From: Shepherd's Green

October 2009


We thought 3 days was a short time frame to coordinate the rescue of a distant pig.. then we got a call from Rutherford county shelter and they gave us less than 24 hours. So much for the concept of humane.. After languishing 2 months in a concrete prison, the first thing Eartha did was put her nose in the dirt and start plowing that sweet soft soil.. .. and she didn't stop until she had dug a nice hole to curl up in. She sighed and smiled and slept all day without hearing a single dog bark or human speak.

It takes so little to make a good life for a pig. Space, dirt, food, water, shelter, privacy.. This girl is only about 2, now spayed. She had already had a hard life before the shelter months. She has deep scars from a harness left on long after it fit, and flees tossed cookies with the typical fear of being struck by sticks or rocks. I expect she was tied up and someone abused her by throwing things at her. She is extremely smart and adaptive.. likes all pigs, but will take time getting comfortable in a human relationship.

Eartha finds a home

Eartha will be moving to her new home this weekend as Jerry And Roberta welcome her into their family of 8. She will join such much loved pigs as Dudley from Maynardsville and Mindy and Mikey from Mt Juliet, Frank from Knoxville, Camille from Cookeville, and the rest of the octet on a beautiful tree shaded acreage where they enjoy all the good cookies! and belly rubs and swimming in their pools..

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