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August 2009
Buddhist monasteries in Siam, Sikkhim and Tibet have traditionally over the centuries had Siamese cats as temple guardians, and these can be very fierce toward strangers.

Yet Marbles the 17 year old overweight cathedral cat, who looked after the 1000 year old historic Ely cathedral in Cambridgeshire England, deep in Oliver Cromwell country was noted for his friendliness.

His death after many years of sitting during the services to deter errant sparrows from flying round the high roofing, has brought a deluge of tributes, and even forgiveness for walking muddy paw-prints over the alter cloth in the lady chapel, and he was a great favourite with children and adults alike.

Strangely he died the same day as a friend Jo’s cat Slob, Jo a single mum takes in any strays and ill cats and looks after them as best she can.

The famous moggie was first given international recognition in the 1993 book “cathedral cats” by Richard Surman, and his owner and friend Paul Trepte who is director of cathedral music has thanked all those who loved and cared for Marbles over the years.

~T. Stokes

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