Meet Omen: The Chicken That Got Away!
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Ellen Dent,
December 2018

Omen escaped from a giant factory farm where hens were held captive to produce eggs.

Chicken Omen
It's hard to believe this sweet chicken was destined to be slaughtered for human consumption.

Omen is the “chicken who got away!" Omen escaped from a giant factory farm! Rowdy Girl Sanctuary founder Renee King-Sonnen and vegan social media influencer Ryuji Chua spotted her hiding under a truck, by the side of the road, and whisked her to safety in the nick of time! Omen rode nine hours in the car and is now safely enjoying her life at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Texas.

men was rescued moments before slaughter and is now living her best life at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. She was considered a "spent hen" and was destined for slaughter at one of the largest chicken slaughterhouses for her meat. Normally chickens destined for slaughter are only 5-7 weeks old so that their meat is tender. Omen's meat would not naturally be tender so it would have been treated with salt and water until the meat became tender. Sellers of meat alter their products to make a sell. Everyday there are advertisements for chicken products which normalizes the violent death of these sentient creatures. Omen is truly an omen of hope for change for all of these sentient creatures to "have a chance to live their lives free from exploitation, torture, and death. Well said Renee! Thank you and Ryuji for saving this precious creatures life!

Chicken Omen

If you eat chicken, please see this sweet face and consider leaving them off your plate. 

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