Puppy Love
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By Hannah Wulf
August 2009

One day I was walking home for school when I heard something in the bushes moving. I looked in the bushes and there hiding behind a clump of bushes was a puppy.

I looked around to see if she belonged to anyone, but no one was around; so I took my sweatshirt from my bag, wrapped it around the puppy and carried her home.

When I got home, my mom saw the puppy, and I told her the story, and she said that we could keep her till we found the where she lived.

So I went up in the bathroom and got out some baby shampoo from when I do babysitting and started the water and felt the temperature.  Then I put the puppy in the tub and washed her off. When I was done I took her out in a towel and gently brushed and blow-dried her.

When that was done, I took her in my room and took her picture. Then I made found dog signs. It turned out the dog was a yellow lab puppy, so on the poster I put the dog's breed, color and my name and number. Then I put her on a rope, and we went out and put up the flyers.

After two weeks of nobody calling, I said to my mom, "Mom I don't think anyone wants her; can we please keep her?" Mom looked at me, and then at the puppy who was right next to me, and said, "Yes." I thanked her a million times, and so did the puppy by barking.

Then we took puppy on the rope and went to the pet store.  When we got there we got her a nice pink collar for now, and a bigger one for when she grew up. We also bought a huge bed, pink leash, dog food and treats. When we got to the end of the dog isle, there was a tag maker.  Mom asked me what we should name her; I said "Megan." So we put Megan on first line, our number on the second, and our address on the bottom line. Then we went and checked out.

Once in the car we put on the smaller collar, and her name badge. Then took off the rope and put on her leash. When we got home, I put Megan's bed down in my room and gave her a treat.

I asked if I could go back to the store and mom said sure. So I went and got two dog bowls and a big bag of toys, and then walked back home. When I got there, I put down the bowls and fed her, and gave her water. Then I took her toys out and played with her.

Megan was now our dog and Happy as could be!

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