Sabre Saved My Life and Gave Up Her Own
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Sabre Saved My Life and Gave Up Her Own
November 2011

I want to tell you of the night five years ago my two year old pit-bull Sabre saved my life and gave up her own.


It was myself my two sons, both under 2 years old and my two dogs. Zeus was an eighty-pound male five-year-old pit-bull boxer and Sabre was a 45 pound female two-year-old pit-bull. They had a doggie door that they could go in and out to a dog run on one side of the yard. The wrong side of the yard. I was dead asleep in my room which had French doors leading in from the backyard.

Suddenly I am awaken by my dogs screaming and barking the most vicious bark Iíve ever heard come from them. There is also a shadow at my door window and the door handle is being rattled. As I jump up to grab my phone to call the police I realize the line is dead. Now I am running to the other side of the room to grab my cell phone from the charger. Meanwhile I hear Sabre screaming in pain. The man yells, also in pain and jumps up to my roof, runs across the roof and takes off. I heard tires screeching in the front. The 911 operator says the police are on their way. I go out outside and Sabre is laying on the ground cut open from tearing through my dog run from chin to all the way down her belly. He has blood in her mouth, from the bad guy and a broken back leg from jumping up to the roof and being kicked off.

Sadly she didnít recover from her injuries. Zeus never made it through the run, he was just too big. The police said the bad guy had cut the phone lines to disable the home alarm and that he obviously intended real harm. They took samples from Sabre for DNA hoping to catch the guy in the hospital seeking treatment for him injuries. Two weeks later I got a call and they arrested a man. He had broken into several homes and assaulted a few women. If Sabre had not broken through the run, fatality injuring herself, I donít know if Iíd be here to tell you the story and that man might have continued to harm other women.

She will be forever my hero.

~Amy Shannon, November 2011

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