An Unexpected Thanksgiving Rescue
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From The Gentle Barn Sanctuary

October 2010

She is happy and at peace, and the two will never be separated again.

While rescuing 2008's Thanksgiving turkeys (we saved the last four), we couldn't help but notice the horrific conditions in which the other animals lived. Unable to stomach what we saw, we came home with two of the ten cows in the worst shape…and pregnant.

When they got to The Gentle Barn, one of the cows seemed inconsolably distraught. She tried to get out of the pen, paced, sweated, and mooed as though screaming for someone. Throughout the first night, she kept crying out, barely pausing to take a breath.

At first, we thought her stress was from missing the animals she'd left behind or feeling unsure in her new surroundings. By morning, when her cries had not stopped, we realized something worse was going on. We also noticed her utter was full now and she was expressing milk.

When we called back to the place we rescued her from, our fears were confirmed. She'd been separated from her calf, and her baby was to be sold that day…for slaughter. We demanded they release the baby to us, knowing this cow would otherwise die of heartbreak…and they agreed…small miracles!

Back at The Gentle Barn with the calf, his mom heard his voice and practically broke through the pasture fencing to get to him. When we led her tiny baby to her, the calf collapsed on the ground. As mama licked him and nuzzled him with the gentlest touch, he got up. While her baby nursed, for the first time in 12 hours, the mom let out a long moo, like the biggest sigh of relief. Now that her baby is with her, she hasn't made a single sound. She is happy and at peace, and the two will never be separated again. 

Another cow with her calf

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