Little Willie Won’t… Go Home
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By Catherine Burt July 2010

The 4th (and, in Utah, 24th) of July holidays are always a tough time for our 4-legged friends. The noise, bright explosions and excitement of summer festivities can cause them to panic and run away.

That’s what we think happened to a gorgeous, friendly pitbull puppy we’re calling Willie.

Willie followed a Maverick convenience store employee to work at 31st and Washington Boulevard, on July 4. My daughter, who is a co-worker at the store, called me at 7 am, and asked how big my heart was that day – was it big enough to hang on to this pup until his owners could be found, or at least until the holiday was over? Seriously, sometimes our children can be such terrorists – they know our weaknesses, don’t they.


We have placed an ad in the Standard-Examiner classifieds, and spent the evening canvassing the area with him on a leash, posting flyers and asking people in the neighborhood if they recognize him. He is also listed on I am currently making inquiries at local shelters in case anyone is looking for him there.

I believe this pup has a family who is missing him. If you know of anyone who lost a pit puppy near 30th and Jefferson Avenue during the holiday weekend, or if you happen upon a poster for a missing puppy fitting his description, please call 801-564-4128, or contact me here.

And for the 4th and the 24th of July holidays – let’s remember to be kind to the animals in our homes, who generally don’t share human enthusiasm for fireworks. Keep them safely indoors during festivities.

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