The Dumpster Kitty and the Hand of God
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The Dumpster Kitty and the Hand of God

By: Frank L. Hoffman - 29 September 1998

This is a true story that happened early this morning, but it really began this past Friday. Every Tuesday and Friday I fly our plane to a regional medical center, where we are assisting them with several projects. After I flew back on Friday, I had to drive to the office to drop off some papers and pick up some others I needed to work on over the weekend. I put my briefcase on the small conference table in my office and took out several folders and took out the papers and filing, picked up the new papers and put everything back into my briefcase, or at least I thought I had, for I don't remember seeing anything left on the table. Well, when I got home and started to write up some of the minutes of the day's events, one of my folders was missing. So, I debriefed myself as much as I could from memory, and Monday morning I called the office and asked one of our administrative assistance to review my notes with me, thus saving myself an extra trip to the office. After all, I'm supposed to be semi-retired.

This morning I got up at 4:00 so I would be able to stop at the office and pick up this folder and some other material before going to the airport.   It was still dark when I got to the office with just a faint glow showing in the sky.  As I got out of my car, two feral kitties ran up to me.  This is very unusual, so I started to talk to them, but they wouldn't let me get close enough for me to touch them.  As I went to throw a bag of trash in the dumpster, they ran after me.   I flipped the bag into the dumpster and the two kitties started meowing.  I continued to talk to them and to try to reach out to them, but they would run off a short distance, but as soon as I would begin to turn away they would run ahead of me.  Then one of the kitten ran past me and jumped up on the rim of the dumpster.  It was then that I heard a scratching noise coming from the dumpster.  I walked over and looked in, as the kitten on the rim jumped off.  I couldn't see anything.  Then some movement caught my eye.  This little black kitten in the darkness of the dumpster was jumping up the side and trying to climb out, but every time he or she slipped back down into the bottom.

The dumpster was too deep for me to reach into the bottom, so I went into our building and found a piece of wood about six foot long.  I put it into the dumpster and leaned it against the side to make a ramp.  The kitty jumped on the wood and climbed out, jumping away from me to the ground and ran away.  When I turned around, and the other two kittens were running off after the little black one.  So, I turned and went into the office, picked up my folder and other papers and put them into my briefcase.  I then filed my flight plan over the phone, and left the office.  As I left the office, there before me were four kitties waiting for me, I believe to say thank you.

No one could ever convince me that these kittens weren't thinking and planning what to do to save their sibling.  The very way they acted is proof of the characteristics of what we call soul and spirit.

If I hadn't helped that kitten out of the dumpster when I did, it could have been crushed or trapped under the morning trash.

I still can't believe I didn't see that folder on that table, for it was empty when I got there except for what I had to pick up, and I believe it was completely empty when I left.  Thus I believe the Lord knew that I would be attentive to these kittens early today, and that I would have to be there way before the others arrived, and before the trash began to fill the dumpster.  So, He arranged for me to be there.

The hand of God reaches out to touch us all, but I believe most people don't recognize His touch or call to service, even if it's only to rescue a little black kitty from a deep dark dumpster.

Let us pray that we all are more attentive to His touch.  Amen.

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