I Believe in You
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I Believe in You

By Bob Perks Submitted by Debra Stitt - 11 Mar 2003

He held the brush in his hand as if it were a part of him. With steady, clean strokes he added to this masterpiece the gentle light of the moon caressing the two lovers silhouetted against the distant ocean. I could not guess how many times the brush met the canvas to create this true-to-life picture, but I would guess one could measure it's creation in months, a good portion of a year of this man's life.

At 87, months become more valuable, as he heads toward the finale of a life journey measured now in a collection of his work.

He's never made a name for himself in the art world, but his name on any of his work is written with such boldness you'd know this was a proud man.

"Was" a proud man is the point made here. These twilight years have dimmed his ego and the ways of the world have caused him to see his life as "A waste of God's time," as he put it.

"What have I done to make a difference?" he has thought out loud at least a hundred times.

She has a gentle touch. Her steadiness, her strength lies in the fact that she loves what she does. Her hands offer kindness to strangers and warmth to cold weather worn skin, dirty from the only life they know.

She gives her time to a shelter for the homeless.

"I take them in, comfort them for a night and send them on their way. What difference do I make in this world?" she asks herself now.

They keep coming, young, old and now more frequently, families. At 24 she is frustrated by her inability to stop the flow. Making a home for them one night at a time isn't enough for this young spirit.

He works at the mall. No life changing career here. His job is to keep the shoppers safe while offering a sense of security. But he's had his moments. Like the night one young man was caught stealing from the music store.

"All I could do was hold him in the office until the police arrived. I looked in his eyes and saw this kid scared and lost. We talked for a while about choices in life. But what difference do I make in the world? There'll be a hundred more like him before the year is finished."

At 45 this man feels empty and hopeless in a world crying for hope.

She waits on tables in a local small town mom and pop restaurant. She's been there most of her working life and at 54 she's beginning to show the years. Her back aches, her feet are swollen and her energy runs out before her day ends. But she loves the people. They love her. She's been invited to ten weddings, all too many funerals and once had to call an ambulance for a mom ready to give birth right there at table four, just inside the door.

"It's been a good life, but what have I really done to make the world a better place?" she asks herself.

They are all looking for something. They are all wanting more out of life or is it that they all want to give something more?

Sadly, they think they haven't accomplished anything of importance.

Can you see the thread that runs through each of their lives?

Can you see how incredibly important they are in the scheme of things?

I would ask them one question. "What would the world be like without you?"

Sometimes you are the only Bible some people will ever read.

Sometimes the only way someone will ever get to see the face of God in this world will be when they look at you.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

God knows we need you. You make a difference!

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