The Poetics of Myron
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The Poetics of Myron

By:  Blanton Pierre Hardy "D-Warrior" <[email protected]> Submitted by the Author 1 January 1999

A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grevious words stir up anger. (Proverbs 15:1)

"Brothers be wary, and sister's be on your toes.  For around the corner is the neighborhood "Po, Po's."

Yes, Yes. That's the poetic flow of Myron Shannon warning his friends about the impending dangers that the police around the corner can bring if they are caught doing what they are doing, which is nothing more than playing hooky from school.

Myron never uttered a word without it being in some kind of prose or poetry. Even to his parents especially around the dinnertable he would say things like "This bread is like no other, but mom could you please pass the butter?"

But how did Myron's dialect drift off into this? Well, they say all education of anything takes root in the home. Myron's father was a poet, and every Saturday afternoon, they would read poetry and prose from around the world. As a matter of fact, Myron got an allowance for his chores like any other kid, but to get it, he would have to recite a passage of poetry or prose, and name the poet who wrote the piece. Because of this poetic teaching and his faith filled background, he started to speak in a poetic dialect, leaning on the Word of God, and trying to influence people and warn people of things that were happening.

Everybody had much respect for Myron, especially the ladies because of his poetry, he had five to six girls calling him a night to hear some of in Espanol.

Myron was the peacemaker among his friends, the comforter of the hurt and the kind of person that had a kind word to say to people in poetic form.

He was the one who always win numerous poetry contests at school, and even on street level, there could be no rapper within a 200 mile radius that could touch his style. He was all that and then some special sauce, lettuce and cheese.

One day Myron was walking down a street that he really wasn't too familiar with. Two boys suddenly jumped out of a car with black ski masks on. They demanded for Myron's money. Myron confidently looked at them and uttered this. "I have nothing to give as you might have perceived, I don't want any trouble, so I just better leave." As he began to leave, one the men took out a gun and shot Myron in the side, then ran off laughing.

His parents were told of Myron's diagnosis which was the bullet severed a nerve that paralyzed Myron from the waist down and that Myron was permanently paralyzed.

However this did not stop Myron from getting people to love one another. He now goes around to any place that would be considered as a "low income" environment and gives poetry to any institution he can find. Myron received many awards citations from police for his bravery. Myron started his own after school program that encourages channeling aggression into poetry. Has it worked?

Well Myron one day was cleaning up in the facility where the program is usually held, and he picked up a work by a student attending the class. The work done by the student was untitled, however it hit Myron's heart like a brick. "To the ones who say you never will achieve, or to the ones who shoot their anger off like cannons, these people really need to have to have a little talk, with a man known as Myron Shannon."

As you see Myron had an impact on a lot of people's lives. He wasn't critical, nor was he hateful. He solved problems and curbed his anger at the same time through his words that was always pleasant to hear, and not dressed up.

Point being that, learn to put Jesus in a way that will make God more appealing, but at the same time, not losing any of the anointing that the gospel speaks about having. Make them say "Hey, that brother or sister is real!" So if you haven't already, pray that Jesus will come into your heart, read the Word, and all will be revealed my son/daughter.

Much blessings and nothing but peace, in Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.


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