Waking Up from a Coma...Going Veg
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Waking Up from a Coma...Going Veg

By Karolin
January 2013
 I just wanted to share this story that literally made my day!
As you know, I work at a hospital prison unit. About six weeks ago we admitted a prison patient who was in a coma. He remained that way for a little over four weeks. He was completely out of it and the doctors did not understand why. They almost ordered shock therapy through the court.
Every day while I bathed him, turned him and took care of him, I had intense conversations with the two prison guards that had to sit with him 24/7 (some days the same guards and other days different guards). We talked about a vegan diet, about God, about all sorts of things, including certain vegan dishes that I had read about. Some guards were open and wanted to learn more and others teased me about my beliefs.
The prisoner woke up about a week ago and today, for the first time, he was able to eat solid food. I had to sit with him though to make sure that he did not aspirate on his food.
Half way through the meal he said, "You know, I will become a vegetarian because of you."
Then he told me that during all the time he had been in a coma he had been able to hear me talk but he had not been able to speak back. 
Isn't that something? The last thing I would have expected from someone who had been in a coma!

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