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Omni-Science and the Human Destiny
by Anthony Marr

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Wildlife preservationist Anthony Marr is no stranger to confrontation and danger. When he went to India for the third time to execute a 10-week tiger-saving expedition, he expected to fight poachers, illegal wood cutters, tiger bone traders, and smugglers. Unexpectedly, he encountered political corruption, organizational deceit, and personal betrayal that turned his world upside-down. This multi-faceted turmoil may have been responsible for the least expected encounter of all. The mysterious Raminothna who, deep in Tigerland, via a series of thoroughly logical steps, imparted upon him a new model of the Universe called Omniscientific Cosmology, which embraces all of the physical, biological, and social sciences, and shows the optimal human destiny and the fate of the Earth. Now, Anthony Marr must fight the battle of his life, one he must lose in order to win.

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