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Shemirah Brachah

Hi, I’m Shemirah Brachah. My daughter Michelle Johnson and I founded the Ful-Mont Veg Group (now the Vegan Venue) after attending the North American Vegetarian Society’s annual Summerfest in 2000.

I’ve been a vegetarian since 1988 and a vegan since 2000. Vegetarianism/Veganism has been a life-changing experiencing for me. I never used to enjoy cooking, but I find vegan cooking to be challenging, interesting, satisfying and most enjoyable!

I’m always interested in talking with folks about veganism, so I’d love to hear from YOU!

Heidi & Daniel Fox

Heidi: I have been vegan since I was born in 1976 at the headquarters of the American Vegan Society & the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS). When I was about four, my parents and I moved to upstate New York, bringing NAVS with us. One of my highlights growing up, and now as an adult, is attending the Vegetarian Summerfest, the annual conference of NAVS. Through out my life, veganism has been very important to me because I love animals so much.

Daniel: I was born vegan in 1981. I started eating meat when I was about 12 years old (Heidi says I was just being rebellious, probably true). I became vegetarian after hearing one of Howard Lyman's talks at Vegetarian Summerfest 2002 (which I have attended every year of my life). I became vegan again a few months later after watching Truth or Dairy and several other films about the dairy industry.

Our cats are part of our vegan family as well. They have been living on a healthy vegan diet since they have joined our family. Left to right: Sasha, Cody, Sweetie, China, & KiKi. Sweetie has recently passed away; she is missed very much.

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