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Stop Force Feeding - Delicacy is no excuse for cruelty

Educate people who need to hear about this cruelty the most!

Many local and national animal rights groups around the country are teaming up to launch a serious outreach campaign directed at restaurants that serve foie gras.

Large scale posters are being printed that depict the dead and dying ducks inside of foie gras farms taken during APRL's animal cruelty investigation of the foie gras industry ( We need people and animal protection groups from around the country to hold these outside foie gras serving restaurants for customers to see.

Instead of (or in addition to) the organizing of large protests, we are ultimately going to be the most effective when smaller groups of people are outside of the same restaurant with the posters nearly every night until they stop serving foie gras.

Too often the energy dies down when the protest goes away, and animal abusers feel that they are in the clear. We need to show foie gras serving restaurants that we will NOT go away as long as ducks are having metal pipes jammed down their throats and massive quantities of food pumped into them.

People need to commit to being out there one, two or even seven days a week during the busiest restaurant hour(s). Often this is between 7pm and 8pm, but it can vary depending on the restaurant.

Thank you for being a voice for the ducks!

What you can do...

Distribute Foie Gras Brochures
In Defense of Animals (IDA) has produced a new brochure exposing the cruelty of foie gras production. The brochure is perfect for friends or family who eat foie gras or for restaurant-goers who may be unaware of the animal cruelty they are supporting by purchasing foie gras. IDA is pleased to send you free copies of this brochure for you to distribute. To order, email [email protected] the number of brochures you would like along with your name and address.

Show "Delicacy of Despair" Video
IDA is pleased to help distribute "Delicacy of Despair," a dramatic video produced by, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group that captured striking undercover footage at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York. If you are doing a demonstration and have a battery or generator to operate a TV and VCR, we can send you a looped video of "Delicacy of Despair." Click here to view segments from the video: This will make the case against foie gras far more effectively than any brochure. We can also send you a regular copy of the 11-minute video to educate family and friends. To order, email [email protected] and let us know your name and address and whether you'd like a looped or regular copy.

Urge Restaurant Owners to Take Foie Gras Off the Menu
When Traci des Jardins of Jardiniere restaurant in San Francisco learned of the cruelty of foie gras production, she pulled it from her menu. Some restaurant owners or managers may simply be unaware of the cruelty involved. Dine only at restaurants that do not serve foie gras, and ask those that do to take it off their menu or face the loss of your business.

IDA has compiled information about foie gras production into a packet geared toward restaurant and store owners and managers who currently sell foie gras. The packet includes our brochure, the "Delicacy of Despair" video geared specifically toward restaurants, and a letter. By persuading restaurant and storeowners to stop carrying it, we can reduce the demand for, and accessibility of, foie gras. To order a restaurant pack, email [email protected] and let us know your name and address and how many restaurants you'd like to approach.

Write a Letter to the Editor About Foie Gras
Write letters to the food editors of newspapers and magazines to make sure they are aware of the cruelty inherent in foie gras production, and to ask that they not promote or glamorize it in their publications.

Keep your eyes open for articles in newspapers or magazines about foie gras (and animal issues in general). If you see an article in the food section about foie gras or an article about efforts to ban it, seize the opportunity to write a letter to the editor of the newspaper or magazine. Letters should be concise (less than 200 words), polite, and include your full contact information (including your address and phone number; the paper won't print this information but needs it to verify the author).

Thank you for your compassion and for all you can do to help put an end to foie gras production. For more information, contact Kristie Phelps at [email protected] or 757-423-0093.

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