What to Eat When You Don't Eat Animals: menus and ideas to inspire people who want to eat as if life is precious


What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Animals! A guide for vegans and not-yet vegans!

Download What to Eat When You Don't Eat Animals (PDF) January 2024

This guide is the result of a wonderfully fruitful collaboration with David Hoey (80sPopAnimals). Our versions of the guide are different in title and appearance, but written content is basically the same.

"This brilliant book is jam packed full of amazing food delights, and the greatest part? - it's all wonderfully ethical, plant based and compassionate at the source - for each and every meal! Extensive, well researched information about food animal industries (and beautiful images) alongside a rich and resourceful catalogue of alternatives to meat, fish and dairy...with delicious suggestions for just about every meal you could think of...to get animals/ species off the plate. Everyone should have this book, whether vegetarian, vegan - or simply curious as a meat eater, to explore the plantbased cooking world - and eat with full compassion towards other species, helping to save the planet and of course - improve our own health in the process too!"
~ J.H. Dickinson

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In this guide you will also find irrefutable, horrifying, and powerful facts about the consequences of our food choices on…oh, just the entire world!

To be clear, a vegan is someone who chooses not to participate in any form of animal abuse, exploitation, or slaughter, which includes abstaining from using, wearing, consuming all animal products, such as dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, wool, leather, silk, feathers, skin, fur, body parts. Vegans avoid all forms of animal exploitation. Simply stated, veganism is not just about food: It is an ethical stance for total liberation of ALL CREATURES.

Thank you for making a difference with every bite!


“To be ‘for animals’ is not to be ‘against humanity.’ To require others to treat animals justly, as their rights require, is not to ask for anything more nor less in their case than in the case of any human to whom just treatment is due. The animal rights movement is a part of, not opposed to, the human rights movement. Attempts to dismiss it as anti-human are mere rhetoric.”


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