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Pot Bellied Pigs (PBPs) are special animals with particular needs that are often misunderstood and certainly under appreciated. We strive to minimize the suffering of the PBP in a very tangible way by helping to remove them from situations of danger or abuse, fostering them, spaying/neutering and providing necessary medical attention and transportation to their new homes as funds allow.

We are “no kill” meaning that the animals here at the sanctuary will live out their lives free from pain and hunger. They will be lovingly cared for for the rest of their lives. This is a serious personal commitment of our time and money. We sacrifice the “finer” things in life to allow as many abused animals as we can a second chance at life

Sadly for the PBP, they are usually overlooked or disregarded by other animal rescues/interests and treated as livestock rather than companion animals, leaving them no hope for relief from situations of cruelty, neglect and/or abuse. Many “Humane Societies” and Animal Control Agencies shoot them on site or capture them only to send them to horrible deaths at livestock auctions rather than at least giving them the dignity of a humane authorization, which is an outrage. Imagine if dogs and cats were sold at auction to be used as food! PBPs NEED our help!

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