World Orchard Project

World Orchard Project

In order to respond to the inner call for action, we formed World Orchard Project as it resonates with our maternal voices. We all know that the future of our Earth, children and grandchildren are being compromised by our current daily living. This project is a way of expressing our hopes and dreams of a more compassionate lifestyle for all animals, humans and the environment through the rebuilding of the common areas. To rebuild these areas, we are planting fruit bearing trees and bushes which allow organic nourishment for all who desire it.

The society that we have created requires most of us to have a form of money to obtain the most basic essentials (food) in order to sustain our lives. Everyday (every 24 hours) on this planet there are 45,000 (38,000 to 40,000 children) humans that nutritionally starve to death. World Orchard Project and similar programs is making food available whether someone has monetary resources or not.

We call upon each and everyone of you to "follow your bliss" in life and if you resonate with our project, we welcome you aboard.

The mission of the World Orchard Project is:
1) Feed humans (especially children)
2) Provide multiple benefits to the environment
3) Provide food for non-human life

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