World Orchard Project

How do I get involved?

So you’re excited about the mission of the World Orchard Project and you’re ready to plant fruit trees and bushes all over your community!

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your local project:

First off, what constitutes “public property?

There are 3 types of “public property”:

  1. Federal. This could involve many different things; military property, alongside interstate highways, national parks, federal prisons, federal prisons, institutions, offices, airfields, etc. To plant on Federal property, you should start by identifying which property you want to plant on, seek out the person in charge of that area, and go from there.

  2. State property can involve: state colleges and schools, state highways, rest stops, state forests and parks. Again, target your area and find out who is the decision maker. You’ll be directed up or down the chain of command from there. For instance, if you want to plant along a State Highway, you must contact the Highway Superintendent of the district you are targeting.

  3. Local property involves municipal buildings, local schools, streets, road, and local parks. Call City Hall if it’s a city, and ask for the City Clerk. He or she can direct you up or down the chain. If the municipality is smaller, as in a Town, contact the Town Clerk, and go from there.

  4. Other private properties which are good potential areas to plant are: religious facilities, private educational facilities, nursing homes, daycare centers, and museums.

Most cities and towns have a Tree Warden…. This would be a wonderful contact!

Next, find local resources to tap into

  1. Make friends with a knowledgeable local nursery; someone who can advise you on what kinds of fruit trees and bushes grow well in your area. Perhaps he or she will be willing to give you special discounts or even donations on plants for your community project.

  2. If you live in a college/university town, you might check with their botanical or agricultural departments to get them involved in your World Orchard projects.

  3. Other groups of potential support might be: Garden Clubs, Scouting Troops, Retirement Centers, Schools, Church Youth or Senior Groups, even rehab or Juvenile help centers. These organizations are often very happy to become involved in positive community projects.

Finally....... make it fun!!

The mission of the World Orchard Project is a POSITIVE one… to provide nourishment for people and animals, while giving back to the environment and reconnecting with our communities.

This can be done by individuals or groups. The main thing is to get out there and PLANT FRUIT TREES AND BUSHES!!

Please take time to register your plantings on our website- we would love to share your stories and pictures.

Let us know how we can help you make your World Orchard Projects a success!


How do I get involved?

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