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(Photo - 001)  Our First Planting - This is a fig tree that was a shoot from a mature tree on Colington Island, North Carolina that we planted in Murfreesboro, TN. The other fig seedling in the bucket was taken to Illinois to be planted. This event took place on Feb 25th, 2006.

The members of the Core Group are Harold Brown, Sharon Jacks, Abbie Pettit and Jerry Cook.


(Photo - 002)  This is a closer look at our first planted trees.

See the movie of our first planting







(Photo - 003)  This, and the following two photos are of a planting we did in Kill Devil Hills, NC, near Kitty Hawk.  The Sorak Family, from Baltimore, MD donated the peach tree, and their children helped plant.  This is Art Sorak bringing the tree to the planting site.







(Photo - 004)  Connor Jacks in Kill Devil Hills, NC.








(Photo - 005)  The Sorak Family with Jerry Cook.






(Photo - 006)  This photo and the following 4 photos were taken at our tree planting on the campus at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, PA on 6 July 2006.  Harold Brown is planting the pear tree.







(Photo - 007)  Sharon Jacks, Jerry Cook, and Harold Brown.








(Photo - 008







(Photo - 009)  Jerry, Sharron, Daylan, and Tom Frazier






(Photo - 010







(Photo - 011)  Howard and Willowjeane Lyman recently planted 10 fruit bearing trees at their new home in Ellensburg, Washington which complements the work of World Orchard Project.







(Photo - 012)  Jaime and Lorenzo planting 75 fruit bearing trees on land belonging to Will and Madeline Tuttle in Ecuador.



(Photo - 013) Planting a fig tree in a "common area" on Colington Island in NC by David and son Dave.




(Photo - 014)  Tree Plantings as headed up by teacher Anna Holden in Syracuse, NY.





(Photo - 015)  The kids had a lot of fun at the Earth Day Sleepover; I think it always surprises them how much fun they wind up having!




(Photo - 016)  Tree plantings by school students as an Earth Day project in the Syracuse, NY area.





(Photo - 017)  Tree planting on Earth Day in the Syracuse NY area.








(Photo - 018)  Jena and Kellie digging.





(Photo - 019)  Finished! I sent only a few pictures of the planting (3 cherry trees)... it got dark quick and a lot of the pictures came out badly. ~Anna




(Photo - 020) In April of 2008, World Orchard Project conducted several fruit tree plantings in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Unity Church of Life planned their entire Earth Day service around the tree planting which World Orchard Project sponsored and facilitated. Each person present had the opportunity to participate in the digging, planting, and blessing of the tree.

Children at Unity Church of Life in Murfreesboro, TN





(Photo - 021) Jerry Cook at Unity Church of Life in Murfreesboro, Tennessee







(Photo - 022) The following Monday, World Orchard Project spent the morning with three 3rd grade classes at Barfield Elementary school, talking to the children about the importance of tree planting and care in our communities and in our world. They also had to opportunity to sample pears and apples, as these were the types of trees planted!

Ms. Watts 3rd Grade Class
Barfield Elementary school, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

(Photo - 023) Mrs. Dawson’s 3rd Grade Class
Barfield Elementary School, Murfreesboro, Tennessee




(Photo - 024) Eric Jacks talks to children about tree care
At Barfield Elementary School, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.




(Photo - 025) Mrs. Bratcher’s 3rd Grade Class
Barfield Elementary School, Murfreesboro, Tennessee




(Photo - 026) Mrs. Riddle’s 3rd Grade Class
Barfield Elementary School, Murfreesboro, Tennessee




(Photo - 027) World Orchard Project tree planters Jerry Cook, Tom Frazier, Sharon Jacks, and Eric Jacks.




(Photo - 028) Tree planting at Summerfest 2009 with kids singing Garden Songs.

(Photo - 029) It does not get much better than this as a performer.. captain cook and his band...
(Photo - 030) Kids with the new tree before planting

(Photo - 031) Kyle Vincent and Jerry Cook planting trees in Belchertown, Mass October 2010

(Photo - 032) This photo is of the Vegan Tree art that was dedicated to Jerry Cook. The artist is Liza Moore, a fellow vegan from the UK.
plant tree(Photo - 033) "Somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology." Hugh Laurie, "House."

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