"Pig Rassle" Abuse Must be Stopped
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SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)
August 2014

[From All-Creatures: See original ALERT - Tell St. Patrick's Parish that Abusing Pigs for "Entertainment" is Unacceptable..]

FYI: From PETA, October 2008: Spring Meadow Farms’ Pig-Wrestling Events Canceled! After PETA received word that a Maryland farmer intended to hold several pig-wrestling events in a four-week period, we immediately contacted organizers to cancel the abusive event. Upon receiving an unsatisfactory response, PETA worked with local activists and authorities to voice objections to the violence that is inflicted on pigs for the sake of “entertainment.” During the first event, PETA obtained video footage documenting that pigs were being tackled, dragged through the mud, and slammed into buckets by overweight grown men. At the 11th hour, the remaining pig-wrestling events were canceled, and the owner was cited for the cruelty that these events inflicted on the pigs!

pig rassle cruelty


pig abuse Catholic fundraiserContact the Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay and ask him to hold everyone involved accountable for this four-decades-long travesty called "Pig Rassle."

As a fundraiser for a Christian church, a pig is harassed, thrown, tossed, grabbed and jumped on by adults and by chilren in a mud-filled, fenced-in pit.

WATCH two videos... here and here

Office of the Bishop
P.O. Box 23825
1825 Riverside Drive
Green Bay, WI 54305
phone (920) 272-8194
fax (920) 435-1330

Deacon Ken Bilgrien
phone (920) 779-5960

St. Patrick Parish
phone (920) 757-5090

Event Coordinator, Rose Rynish
phone (920) 757-6824

Our press conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin this morning (August 15) was a success! You can read and watch the coverage that has already come out on the following links.

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NBC 26:
“Group Claims Video of Alleged Animal Cruelty at Pig Wrestling Event

The Marshfield News Herald:
“Activists vow legal action against church, pig rasslers”
FYI: From the article..."Hindi [SHARK's founder] walked into the diocese office with a DVD of the video footage and thousands of dollars in cash saying Bishop David Ricken could have the money if he takes the place of the pigs at the event with the parish priest and other event organizers."

WTAQ Radio:
“Group alleges numerous animal abuse law violations at pig rassle”


This is the 44th year of this horrific event. You really have to watch the video to see what happens...

This illegal animal fighting event is in violation of Wisconsin Chapter 951, titled “Crimes Against Animals”, which outlaws cockfighting, dogfighting, and any other similar fighting between animals or animals and humans.

In addition, being a spectator of such an event is also in violation of Chapter 951. Those prosecuted could face felony animal fighting charges.

Wrestling, as a sport, is contested by two human opponents, evenly matched, each of whom enters into the match voluntarily with mutually agreed-upon rules and a common goal. Not so in “matches” like pig wrestling, where frightened animals are unwilling participants exploited by teams of humans for entertainment. Pigs are exceptionally intelligent and capable of feeling complex emotion. They are affectionate and friendly when kept as pets, and do not deserve the stress, fear, and possibility of injury that pig wrestling subjects them to.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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