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Article from Winter 2003 Issue

Options On A Traditional Christmas Menu

Indeed, the import of a truly abominable French product is enough to make one sick at the very thought of the animal cruelty it entails. Who hasn't read about geese having maze constantly crammed down their throats so that, unable to digest it properly, the liver becomes horribly distended and death ultimately comes as a merciful release? Yes, many folk - knowing full well about this - prefer to ignore the facts and assimilate the end product in to their own bodies. I ask: is it any wonder that horribly painful diseases are rife? In a very real sense: we are what we eat.

Then, looking down the menu for the main course I found no vegetarian meal available. The nearest that one could consider was the fish course. After acknowledging that Jesus ate fish; that we buy fish for our cats; and that big fish eat little fish all day long, it might be rationalised that for the big fish to end up eaten itself is perfectly just and no more than one single taste of its own medicine! Nevertheless, unless the fish have experienced a previous free-range kind of a life style one may still feel apprehensive about condoning it. I know that several readers feel this way. However, be that as it may, the salmon was not advertised on its own. This main course on the menu stated that the salmon is to be covered in delicious lobster sauce.

Well, I think we all know what that involves for lobsters! Whether one justifies the eating of free range fish - or else opposes it while hypocritically buying it for Pussy! - one must have great difficulty, indeed, in commending the way that shellfish such as lobster arrives on our plate. The fact is that the vast majority are slowly boiled alive and, frequently, one can hear squeals as they seek to come out of the lid before being thrust down again.

Well, would you or I like to put our retarded children or our geriatric parents in to the hands of those who callously take pleasure in such a job for a living? Of course not! We would no more wish to put vulnerable and defenceless life in to their hands than we would in to those who derive sick and sordid pleasure in the pursuit of blood 'sports' already touched on. I sensed the only part of the menu that Doreen and I assessed as possible was in the sweet section of the menu. But, even then, for one endeavouring to follow a Vegan life style, there was much limitation. 1 sense what was mentioned last of all was about the only thing acceptable to an awakened conscience. It was the ability to procure a black coffee with an 'after eight mint"

We need, so urgently, to get the Christian message across; and it is a message that includes the whole of Our Lord's creation. He knows every animal: the sheep on a thousand hills. And as our Lord was concerned for the souls of animals in Nineveh he is concerned about those within each and every farm, field and wood within the UK. How we treat them is not only a mirror of our own selves; to mistreat them is a violation against God. In the eyes of many an animal I have beheld the love and radiance of God, just as I also have in many a child or, indeed, an aged pensioner who has weathered the storms while pressing forward to the haven of heaven. There may well be the beauty of innocence in a young face, but in an aged face I frequently behold, through the wrinkles, the indelible marks of true Christian character!

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