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From Autumn 2004 Issue

Enough of this contentious spirit!

St Paul said to the churches: "I hear that there be divisions amongst you!". Well, it's not unique to churches; the animal activist movement has equally as factious a spirit. Indeed, two nearby animal sanctuaries who do a marvellous work are now being hindered, and why? Because one is unconcerned about the sale of air guns within their charity shop; while the other appears unconcerned about fox hunting. Well, they both have their critics but, thankfully, they both have strong admirers for the sterling work they accomplish; and I am one of them. I take my hat off (when I ware one!) to each of them. Regrettably, however, my annual animal blessing service at the Welsh Baptist Chapel was not held this year. They previously brought along an assortment of pets, as well as folk, to this annual event. But as they are at loggerheads with one another I decided to terminate me venture after eight years. Indeed, as one door appeared ready to close, another opens! A leading cleric of the Diocese has cordially invited me to officiate at his own service of animal blessing next week.

Yes, it takes guts, determination, and often years, to build bridges; but any nutter can demolish such creations in moments. Admittedly, our priorities within our great cause for the animals vary and sometimes differ. Of all the animal sanctuaries I can think of in Clwyd, it appears that none of the owners are vegetarians. Does that mean that I fall out with all of them? God forbid! I'm personally, very much opposed to the sale of any air guns, regardless of to whom the profits go. Does that mean that I withdraw my patronage? God forbid! I get a little cheesed off when, as regards blood sports, the emphasis is unduly given to foxes - what about far less cunning hares and docile deer? To gain public sympathy should not the emphasis have been on the least predatory of these rather than the most? I think it should!. But God forbid that this should stop me from denouncing hunting with hounds altogether.

One thing is sure: while we wrangle with one another, tile opposition benefits considerably. So let us give up all spirit of dissention and bickering. There are many regiments in our army, so let us stop knocking those regiments whose priorities are not ours. They are our fellow comrades in the same war against animal abuse. Then let us direct our hostility on to the enemy and never upon soldiers of a differing rank or regiment to our own, for that would be nothing less than treason.

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