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From Autumn 2004 Issue

Our Most Valuable Possession On This Earth

What is your most precious visible possession on earth? It's not your car. You may acquire plenty. It's not your house. You may have a few. It's not even your nearest or so-called dearest. Though you may deceive yourself in to thinking the contrary, it's your body; for. you'll never in this life have another. Yes, and without it you could not even know of a so- called nearest or dearest! Yet we are living in a society in which only the best petrol and oil are probably put in to one's car; while nothing but junk food is put in to one’s body. Yes, the body, which the Bible refers to as no less than the very temple of God. ‘Whoever defiles it’ - says the Bible – ‘him shall God destroy’. Yet the masses are defiling it hourly by their irresponsible life styles. Indeed, the following is a quote from animal activist Judi Hewitt which appeared last month in a leading North Wales newspaper:

‘I recently did a one-woman protest outside the Flintshire & Denbighshire show. It took a lot of courage to stand at the side of the road and display my placard for all to see, yet not a single newspaper bothered to use it. Instead they pictured Dickson Wright and Johnny Scott signing copies of their latest country pursuits and game cookbook.

Someone really should tell Scott and Dickson-Wright that the Second World War is over, that there is no need to go about shooting animals for the pot any more. Nor is there any any need for hare-coursing, fox-hunting or deer-stalking

They spout on about shooting being all about conservation and land management: Rubbish. It's all about ensuring there are enough animals to kill for sport.

They spout on about shooting being necessary because otherwise pests would get out of control: Rubbish! Natural processes achieve a balance between predator and prey; lethal human intervention for sport Is both cruel and unnecessary.

They claim shooting for sport and the right to bare arms in the country side is a civil liberty: Rubbish! It is a danger to wildlife and a nuisance to the general public, preventing peaceful enjoyment of our beautiful countryside.

I am very pleased to say that the only thing I have in common with Dickson-Wright is my age, 57.1 am a very healthy lifelong vegan, eating lots of fresh fruit and veg. Dickson-Wright and Johnny Scott, (not unlike the Adams family on TV) enjoy a dish of offal or testicles, and it shows! After 50, we all get the face we deserve!

Yours for the animals,

Judi Hewitt

Clarissa Dickson-Wright 57

Judi Hewitt 57, holding petition while local MP signs it

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