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From Autumn 2004 Issue

The Seductions Of Eating, and Of Ego Trips

Yes, a TV series has just ended with such a title, but I sense it didn't go far enough. We are more than what our bodies become. We are what our souls become. Consequently, we reap far more than harm for the body in eating junk food; we destroy our soul and spirituality by, indirectly, furthering as well as condoning intense animal cruelty. Clarissa Dickson Wright would be more appropriately termed Clarissa Dickson Wrong, for not only must eating beasts’ testicles as an assumed delicacy create disease to the body; She is destroying her soul in the process through desensitisation. I've no doubt, however, that the dear lady is a product of her upbringing: just one pea out of a very common pod called 'tally ho’! Nevertheless, her irresponsibility must be obvious to all who respect their God given outer case: the body; as well as the jewel within: one's immortal soul!

Once, having sampled the ‘kick. that can come through media prominence’ it becomes far too easy to become a little more outlandish each time in order to sample once more the thrill that prominence can create. Film stars and aging actors often revert to all types of gimmicks in order to try and recreate the thrills that past publicity once made them. It is very easy - even in the animal activist movement - to go a little bit more ‘over the top' to attract media publicity for the Cause? Well, at least I hope so! Sometimes it may well be for the buzz it gives us; for none of us is immune to what is commonly termed an ego trip.

Therefore, I for one will not endeavour in any way to pull to bits or endeavour to pass judgement, on the outlandish performances of Ms Wright. As the good book says: ‘let those that are without sin cast the first stone'! Nevertheless, deer's testicles, which I'm told - rightly or wrongly - are given the culinary name in one of Ms Wright’s recipes as Blair's Balls is far from appealing. In fact I find it as totally off putting to myself as the unfortunate man himself!

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