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From Autumn 2004 Issue

Well, We Have Givers And Grabbers!

I sense that advancing age has confirmed that folk, basically, change little. Folk seem to be predisposed to be givers or grabbers; and much of it comes from childhood programming and hereditary traits. I've had two types of neighbour: one who was always anxious to give gifts; yes, and food when I was living alone. But now I have a fellow who, failing to encroach on part of my land has encroached on another's and may be getting more than he bargained for. Indeed, he's even enlarged his front so that the telegraph pole is now within his garden! Well, as I see it: 'love your neighbour but hold firm to your boundaries!

Indeed, the vast majority in our Cause, by their priorities, are givers rather than grabbers. As mentioned elsewhere, I've never asked for funds, yet I received this very year from a well wisher – a retired lady from out of the blue! - enough to procure a good quality megaphone for future demos. Indeed, a kindly fellow gave me almost enough to procure a brand new photocopier, printer and scanner combined.

In response to the previous Newsletter that casually touched on my quandary over glaucoma medication, I received a cheque to cover at least two professional consultations with a herbalist. Indeed, such folk - without any prompting from myself - have most generously seen an avenue in which to help, and have sprung forward to do so.

In a similar spirit of true Christian generosity, I know of a lady who runs her own garden sanctuary for rescued wild life, yet never appears to ask for funds for herself. You'll find her in North Wales coastal towns struggling to raise funds for the most prominent animal charities, which do not do a patch of the work she accomplishes in her own comparative way.

Well, thank God, I say for the givers. They are the ones with a smile on their face and a spiritual radiance from their countenance. The grabbers are not basically happy, though in the eyes of this world they may appear wealthy and successful. Jesus would have said; "They already have their reward.” But as for the generous poor; ‘Their treasure may indeed be reserved for them in Heaven’ but already: "theirs is the kingdom of God!" Yes, there is profound truth behind the words: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’. Yes, providing we give sensibly and do not squander thoughtlessly, nor be taken as 'a soft touch' by the unscrupulous of every shade.

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