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Spring 2004 Issue

Good Shepherd Sunday

Perhaps your local Anglican priest/priestess - Reverend Mother! or Reverend Father! - might like to read out the enclosed prayer which accompanies this News Letter. It is for reading out in church on the 2nd Sunday after Easter! – N.B: website readers may view/copy this from the prayer section! – The day is known as Good Shepherd Sunday due to the Gospel for the day 'in the Book Of Common Prayer' being John, chapter 10. "l am the good shepherd"

Failing this, you may care to pin or stick it to a public notice board of a place of worship. Try either of these methods. Take heart! Be positive! For with more of the fairer sex leading worship, more things will begin to look up in Church! If you want it confirming, ask Dawn French, T.Vs hilarious ‘Vicar Of Dibley’. And, incidentally, if it's not too late: A Happy & Joyful Easter to each and every one of you!

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