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Spring 2004 Issue

Great Cause To Rejoice!

What brilliant news we read concerning Girton College extension in Cambridge' Obviously, the whole animal rights brigade is winning. Just as Shamrock Farm had to close, followed later by the notorious Hillgrove Farm run by Farmer Brown, so Cambridge University has had to capitulate. Well, what is the next animal Belsen we need to approach? Undoubtedly Huntingdon, and not forgetting Newchurch! Yes, and an Oxford before it begins!

No single group can claim victory for what has happened at Cambridge. Nor would they wish to! Larger organisations, which are well financed, had certainly contributed; But, for myself, I think of militant and highly respectable individuals who have tirelessly worked behind the scenes. And if any single individual deserves adulation and yet would be the very last to admit it then I would single out Miss Joan Court - a true veteran campaigner with a heart of gold for both animals and humans. And, have you heard the latest? This most sprightly octogenarian hopes to ride the high seas. Yes, as a member of the crew of Sea Shepherd's 'Farley Mowett'; a modern day ark for the protection of seals from despicable and inhumane carnage. Yes, congratulations and bon voyage to our beloved Joan of Ark. One to whom I was honoured to be linked, while she led the demo below through Cambridge:

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