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Spring 2004 Issue

Iím Far From Consistent Myself. So Was ĎA Ladyí!

Hesitating and wavering are psychologically very injurious practices. Indecisiveness will do much harm, whereas a clear break with stealing milk from cows could be accompanied with untold blessing. I'll be strictly honest with you; I'm not always consistent; but, to have taken a portion of soft cheese covered in silver paper quite touched my conscience over a month ago. This round box of cheese had on it a distorted picture of a cow; and the words accompanying it were these: 'the laughing cow' Well, I ask: when did one ever see a cow laughing? Unless I'm mistaken, they are the saddest looking of creatures, and is it any wonder why? Wouldn't any mother be if she were made pregnant each year by artificial insemination; her babes stolen from her days after their birth; her breasts artificially milked till her nipples are raw; and injected with a cocktail of antibiotics. Yes, and the whole cycle repeated and repeated.

What kind of a fiend; what kind of a monster will do this? The answer stares us in the face:- utterly depraved humanity which blasphemously boasts that it, and it alone, is created in the image of God! Don't they yet realise that the ones who were created in God's image fell from it, and for that reason: were expelled from the garden, in which the elder had been commissioned to fulfil a caring dominion?

Three weeks ago Doreen and I protested at the site of the Waterloo Cup. Hopefully it will be the last of its kind, but with Tony Blair anything might transpire to appease the opposition. Nevertheless, the occasion was beneficial. A kind fellow allowed me the use of his megaphone and it was not without effect. "Silence while the father speaks!" uttered one with a loud voice. As I spoke, the opposition responded and quite respectably listened. But - as one might expect - during several of my pauses, a female (hardly a lady) at the side of me, repeatedly yelled out: "Yes, good for you Reverend, let the 'bastards' have it straight!". Indeed, before long, a stout woman of the opposition was then singled out. Her name was Clarissa. And the response from one fellow, over his megaphone was approximate to this: "You're as ugly outwards as you are within! What a sight for sore eyes!" Ah well, we have a mixture of all sorts in our movement, and they say that 'variety is the spice of life'. I'll not comment further as 'discretion', I was once told, 'is the better part of valour'. Whatever that means!

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