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From Summer 2004 Issue

As Blairites Oppose Anti-Vivisectionists They Finance Pagans, Witches & Druids

Wonders never cease! While this absurd and crooked government dishonours all its past vows to help animals -.and now threatens to call in the army to combat animal activism at Oxford's proposed vivisection complex - it dishes out one million pound a year, of tax payers money, to support way-out weirdo's. The Mail On Sunday says: 'Home Office officials have met leaders of minority religions to discuss their demands that include teaching school children about their rituals. This faith communities unit set up last year by David Blunkett employs no less than fourteen full-time civil servants'

What a strange kind of Nanny State bloody minded Blairism is creating! It offers financial support to macabre projects such as HLS; while it clamps down on our choice of herbal and mineral supplements. Such an outwardly 'apparent' Nanny is surely nothing less than an ogre of a witch! She is more seductive than any hag who offered Snow White a poisoned apple. She claims to have the welfare of the populace at heart, while she encourages nuclear dumping and a whole host of other carcinogenic projects. Thank God that, at last, the eyes of the public are beginning to open! Rejoice; for Tony Blairís distorted priorities are, surely, as doomed as is top vivisectionist Colin Blakemoreís!

ĎHear this, the just judgement of the skies:
Those who distort truth become the dupe of lies.
For those who shall be cheated to the last,
Delusions, strong as hell, will hold them fastí
- William Cowper

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