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From Summer 2004 Issue

Criticizing Past Germans While Denying Animals Rights!

I tell you this: outside Holywell. Indeed, intermingled within the most delightful parts of Wales, but just off the beaten track or main highways, there are Animal Belsens. And why are they there? Because 'respectable' folk void of guts, turn a blind eye to it all. Then how dare we ever raise a voice of criticism against past Germans who lived in close proximity to Belsens, and remained mute. I tell you: animal Belsens are all around us simply because 'respectable' folk prefer not to get involved. Indeed, what a spineless, slimy, breed so called education has made of the masses. If this is the fruit of education then make me an ignoramus any day! The rot that results from an academic system that encourages one to outdo another rather than lift him up is for all to see. One well remembers overhearing a pushing mother say to her offspring: "Score higher marks than the upstart up the street, and we'll get you a new bike!" The lad got his bike; but grew up to walk roughshod over others. How sad that she hadn't put compassion before competitiveness; kindness before conquest! No wonder St Paul denounced the wisdom of this age as utter foolishness in the sight of God. (I Corinthians 1: 25-29)

Let us fight, fearlessly, for the protection and Godly welfare of animals, As for their so-called Rights. I sense they can only have what a society may agree to give them. Negroes had no rights. Not so long ago, neither had women! As for Homosexuals and Lesbians, they appear to be eagerly fighting to acquire them in the Anglican Church! Well not until a society agrees to give it to them does a breed or culture receive Rights! I can only say that the way British society appears to be heading, I hope that Paedophiles are not the next to acquire them! I sincerely hope that the animals in laboratories and those bred for the food and dairy industries will be stamped as: 'Number One: Top Priority'. As for those bred for blood 'sports', God grant that this will be the final year of their fiendish oppression!

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