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Winter Edition: 2004

A Despised & Abused Creature Of God

Of all the animals abused down the centuries - yes and in so called Christian countries such as Spain today! - the Donkey is possibly the most abused. Yet it carries the mark of Christ upon it, for though ridiculed and tormented by unregenerate humans, it was chosen by Almighty God to carry our blessed lady Mary - bearing within her womb the first born of her offspring: the Redeemer of the world.

Need one wonder that many centuries previous - in the Old Testament - the Donkey owned by a prophet beheld what the actual prophet himself was oblivious of- an Angel sent from God? I tell you that such an animal is worthy of the greatest honour and respect. Consequently, it is utterly appalling that with reference to the word donkey, my dictionary in front of me should have this to say: (1) the domestic ass, (2) a stupid or obstinate person' And that any branch of Christendom should condone using such an animal - which Christ rode on Palm Sunday - for sick form and cruel 'sport' on one of its holy days, just shows how far that branch of Christendom has abysmally fallen from basic Christian morality, compassion and care.

I'm sure you'll agree that the following poem, by a member of the Cinnamon trust, is both touching and beautiful:

Doreen Pats A Poor Spanish Donkey

The donkey carefully walked along the narrow stony road. He somehow knew that he was carrying a very precious load.

For on his back sat a gentle lady. Mary was her name; and with her husband, Joseph, to Bethlehem they came.

When Joseph saw the darkening sky. his looks became more worried, as failing to get a room at the Inn. to a stable nearby they hurried

And there in the warmth of a lowly stable, Jesus Christ was born.. A brilliant star in the sky above would signal a special dawn.

Three Wise Men came and gave some gifts, but the donkey had also given. He'd given his care whilst carrying Mary, and never had to be driven.

The donkey turned as he heard a voice say. "For what you've done for me. the sign of the Cross will be on your back for everyone to see!'

How humble and proud the donkey felt. as he gazed at the Baby Divine and so it is right that down through the years all the donkeys bear this sign,

He stood and watched this lovely scene in which he'd played a part; his old grey head held high with pride and happiness filled his heart

By Mollie H. Spears

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