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Winter Edition: 2004

Mind You, Abattoirs & Factory Farms Are Veterinary Approved!

For a donation to the SA of £250 a third world family may be given 7 sows with 1 boar to regularly impregnate them! And if one's donation is no more than £17.50 at least one undernourished third world family will have a share of the same cow! It may be, of course, that the method used will have to have veterinary approval - who knows, it might even involve the RSPCA? - but as such factors prevail in the midst of UK's animal Belsens, this possibility will be of little comfort to animal activists - Christian or otherwise. Indeed, I understand the short-sighted motive of the SA in such a scheme. Their argument may be: 'surely the starving millions come first?' Well, we've heard it all before. Furthering the eating of dead animal flesh is to further the problem; and to foster further cruelty is to do more long-term harm than any myopically considered remedy.

I say again, thank God for the Salvation Army who so often do such marvellous work. Indeed, as a young man I once signed at a Mercy Seat their 'Articles Of War'! My only plea is that they might get back to the priorities and standards of its three earliest generals William and Catherine Booth and their son Bramwell. For here, indeed, are the wonderful words of their noble Founder:

"While I cannot say that I was, in the first place, led to abandon the use of flesh meat as an article of diet out of any sympathy with the animal creation, I have often felt, nevertheless. deeply thankful that I have no part in the grave responsibility for the horrors that are inflicted on millions of inoffensive creatures, killed with all manner of cruelty - some of it no doubt, quite unavoidable, if they are to be killed at all - in order to supply the wants of man. I believe that few really humane persons would touch another morsel of animal food if they could once realise the agony endured by the vast majority of these creatures in order to meet their fancy.

The miseries of the frightened droves, the tortures of the long journeys by rail, the unnameable agonies and abominations of 'the cattle boats', on which tens of thousands of unfortunate creatures travel from other lands, and the combined terror and torture which many of them suffer in the slaughterhouses, make a chapter too dark for ordinary mortals to read. And yet it all lies between the verdant meadows and the dainty morsel on your plate. At any rate, those who refrain from eating flesh are free from responsibility for all of this."

(General William Booth, The War Cry, 10th May, 1902.)

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