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Winter Edition: 2004

With No Thanks To The Church, Hunting Is Outvoted. Hallelujah!

1 submitted a letter against hunting with hounds to the religious newspapers. It appeared as if the Catholic Times, Universe and Christian Herald were the only ones with sufficient sympathy to publish it. Indeed, the copy of a similar one was shown to the League Against Cruel Sports and the outcome was that they asked permission to publish the same to all the local and regional papers in the country Well, what a great honour for myself! But where, O where, I ask are all the other clergy? Are they all either for blood sports or just too terrified to oppose it that they remain voiceless and pen less? Have they all been conditioned in to being good boys and girls only speaking when teacher tells them to, and all agreeing to be their superior's pet? One might have thought that with the influx of female clergy into the ranks that some of them would be outspoken because of a maternal instinct to protect helpless and vulnerable life. But, seemingly, it is not so Yet very sadly I've known of quite a few who have gone out to make my acquaintance. I tell you, any cleric can go through the daily motions of the priesthood, but what today's churches need are fearless prophets who, like John the Baptist, have given their heart to God and, consequently, aren't all that bothered about the future of their head. Indeed, if there is one thing I'm grateful to The Almighty for, it is my early training and upbringing, which was unique and most unorthodox to say the least. Otherwise - God forbid! - I would have been just one more conditioned carbon copy, one more proverbial pea from a denominational pod.

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