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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

Never Forget The Blessed Mother Of Our Lord

It was foretold of her: ‘all generations shall call me blessed’. And why was this? Because, although she was poverty stricken in this world’s standards, she was the perfect mother. Admittedly, she did not always see eye to eye with her first born and eldest. He brought a lot of heartache and misunderstanding on His family. But she made a real home for Him; first within her womb; then – after hectic and fearsome journeyings - within their home at Nazareth. And last but not least – when all others had forsaken Him – there stood by the Cross of Jesus Mary His Mother. Somehow, she’d made the arduous journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem while widowed and worn out: Rudyard Kipling could well have had her in mind when he wrote these lovely lines::

If I were hung on the highest hill, Mother O’ mine, Mother O’ Mine
I know whose love would follow me still. Mother O’ mine, Mother O’ mine.

Dear Reader, those of us of the Protestant Faith have never made enough of Mary! With Catholics we need to honour and praise this Glorious Mother of Our Lord. She is the epitome of the greatest vocation of all for every married female. It is:one of Motherhood: a Divine Vocation that is so desperately needed in this heartless, soulless, selfish civilisation spurred on by New Labour and its sinister endeavours.

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