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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

Remembering Dear Rusty At Fochriw

Over 12 months ago, on Fochriw mountain in the Rhymney valley of South Wales, a poor greyhound - no longer able to race because of an injured toe - was sold by its callous owner to a fiend of a character for £10 so that he might dispose of it. The culprit chopped off the dog’s ears because of identifying tattoo marks, and shot the creature in the head, without killing it outright. A couple found Rusty still alive the next day or two, but a vet had to put Rusty down because of its appalling suffering.

Thankfully, the fiend responsible was banned for life from keeping any other dog and sentenced to gaol for six months (later lessened to 3 for good behaviour). Well – in cooperation with Greyhound Action – I sought to transform that vile spot in to a place of sanctity and beauty: just as Christ was able to transform an ugly Golgotha (place of a skull) in to the very first and loveliest of Easter gardens.

Admittedly, the locations were not identical, but once a wonderful friend - who’d been a Benedictine nun for eighteen years! - had offered a prayer of exorcism and then claimed the site for Christ - the afternoon was memorable with blessings upon greyhounds that had come with their animal friendly owners. Yes, I can assure you that the Good Shepherd, Himself, was with us on the mountain and in the valley.

Pauline, & one of her many rescued strays!

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