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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

The Good Book Says We’ll Reap What We Sow!

Yes, it's a belief that's not exclusive to Christianity, yet we prefer to avoid the consequences that such a statement implies. We want to believe in a Hell that’s akin to annihilation or a Purgatory that fills the mind with the torments of remorse. Yes, but nothing worse! ‘God would not allow it’ we might affirm. Yet for some reason this Good God of ours allows forms of life on this planet to be undergoing constant torment each minute of each hour. Well, if a Good God allows it then I sense it is for a just purpose!

Like Job I do not have the answers, but I sense that the every minute hell that some types of life experience, here and now, may well be due to the hell they probably afflicted upon others forms of life in a previous existence. Indeed, reincarnation was largely believed in within much of the early church. Not until the council of Constantinople in 553.AD was it dropped by a minute majority. It was then followed by all the Medieval expressions of a hellfire that we associate with a Dante’s Inferno. Hell was then reserved for the sexually permissive, the ones who stole for want of food; and most of all for those who dared to question the teachings of a church which had people grovelling in fear at its feet. Yes, while corpulant priests and monks ate off the carnivorous ‘food’ of the land; swallowing it down with their home brewed ale. No wonder that such frequently inebriated clerics were a danger to the female gender; and to such as these each female was expected to confess her most intimate temptations within a darkened cupboard called a confessional box! No wonder that Jesus said of their first century counterparts: ‘You devour widows homes and for a pretext offer long prayers’. ‘You call good evil and evil you call good’ ‘How CAN you escape the wrath of hell?’

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