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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

Yet Another Hunger Strike By Joan!

Well, I tell you, the kind of goodness these two contrasting folk reveal, impresses me far more than does any earthly potentate; and, indeed, at their side my own work shrinks in to insignificance and oblivion. These are the persons for whom I pray; along with the needs of Sea Shepherd and a whole host of others. And I do not forget once more Joan Court of Cambridge! For here is a lady who, nearing 86, has gone on yet another hunger strike in opposition to university extensions to increase animal experimentation. Yes, under the absurd and myopic belief that through inflicting unspeakable torture upon weaker forms of life that humanity can improve the quality of its own! I have the privilege of knowing this lady personally and its her brand of goodness that Iíll pray for and no doubt light many candles for as well. I tell you, dear friend, that such people are the salt of the earth. By their living example they spur us to move forwards. Their actions speak louder than my words; and I feel honoured to be in their cause of animal liberation.

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