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Summer 2005 Issue

The Blessing Of An Appropriate Novel

By Kathleen Kinder Published by UPSO. at Price £8.99. (Tel: 01424-853349)

Reading novels is something I’ve always sought to avoid. That there is enough to learn in real life without having to revert to fiction has always been my past contention. However, even at 75 one can change. And this has been the result of reading Kathleen Kinder’s most recent novel: ‘The Well’. In fact if other novels were as gripping and vivid as that by the above author then I might have been reading fiction for some considerable time. Yes, it’s been a most healthy and recent diversion. If, indeed, for no less a reason than that my borderline hypertension has considerably dropped during the last fortnight that I’ve been absorbed in it. A novel which discreetly plugs animal rights and veganism.

The fact is that we animal activists need to switch off from being absorbed by so much doom and gloom. It is essential that we switch off in order that, paradoxically, we may be recharged! And for myself, Kathleen’s book has been the means. For in it’s pages one is confronted by a most compassionate fellow – an author of fictitious animal books bearing a deep moral message. Yes, and not inconsistently, a fellow whose compassion is equally expressed towards a retarded youngster who also shows an identical empathy towards caged up animals in a nearby farm. The retarded can teach us so much! Indeed, this gripping novel – ‘gripping’ because the end of each chapter wants us to get in to the next! – creates wonderfully vivid reading. Yes, and along with it, an insight in to the outer subtleties of false feminine charm like none other. As for the corruption of one who is in a place of top public influence it is also, regrettably, far too often true to life.

Yes, dear fellow activist, I suggest you purchase a copy of the above book directly from the above phone number or any reputable bookshop. Or alternatively that you get your local library to stock the same by quoting the following ISBN 1-84375-083-X Take it from me, you’ll not be disappointed!

Review by James Thompson

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