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Winter 2005 Issue

But What About Christmas & The Church Of England?

‘Here Are Some Of Us Near Chester Cathedral!’

For myself, I no more believe that Christ was born on the 25th of December than that He rose on a specific Easter Sunday! As mentioned, it was the Latin branch of Christendom that largely used pre-existing pagan festivals as an opportunity to give them a Christian baptism. The aim being to outwardly transform previous pagan celebrations in to Christian festivals and to dove-tail them in to a church calendar covering sequenced events in the earthly life of Jesus. However, that said, the Anglican Church took over a simpler form of the same calendar; and today even the Free Churches have to a lesser extent followed suit. Consequently, with the biblical event of the birth of Christ being singled out to animal caring shepherds in Bethlehem, we also have all the pagan connotations of a carnivorous feast appended. The Nativity story becomes, once again, entwined with all the debaucheries of a pre, Christian pagan feast associated with what was termed the Roman Saturnalia.

Nevertheless, after centuries of ‘a Christ orientated celebration’ of Christmas in Britain, it is expected that the Primate of our English Church ‘by law established’ should forcefully speak out against further erosion of the festal message of the Nativity! But it is now obvious that we must look to York for a true militancy, rather than compromises towards minority groups as, seemingly, advocated by Canterbury!.

‘And Here We’d Been Singing In The Rain!’

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